Essential component in the electronic cigarette, Clearomiseur is the element that contains the e liquid and contains the combustion system. Equipped with a lock , the latter with the number of use will eventually wear out, so it will change the Clearomiseur.

On average and depending on frequency of use of each , a hard Cleromiseur average one month.

Available for sale , you can find a selection of Clearomiseurs including broken down into colors to customize as an e -cigarette. The range of stardust Clearomiseur eGo is one of the most known and it became over time one of the best-selling references.

Newcomer, the GS- H2 is revolutionizing the way the tank is filled. Unlike Stardust CE4 or was filled by the tip, the GS- H2 when filled to him by the side where the battery is screwed . The GS- H2 need to drip -tip , the tip by which vapote is a block with Clearomiseur.

To fill it must follow certain recommendations. Stardust on the model CE4 it is important to complete while tilting without the liquid on the tip. The GS- H2 model, filled by unscrewing the nearest portion of the battery , it is important to keep the first part of Clearomiseur so do not open the tank. There are many video on Youtube for example, which clearly explains the procedure . The models presented are compatible with eGo electronic cigarette.

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